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About Us

Our Photography

We have been photographing weddings, portraits and commercial photographs (focusing more on weddings) for over 10 years and we’ve loved every minute of it. Photography is my passion and so is videography the passion of my wife, Annalize. Our relaxed style of shooting allows us to capture images that are spontaneous and real. Our work is the result of a collaborative effort – we give you a little bit of direction and then let the rest naturally fall into place. We love to see people laughing and having a good time. It’s not just our job to capture these genuine moments, it’s our passion.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is a simple one; keep things as real as possible. Our style of photography is very natural and expressive. We want your photographs to convey a sense of life and to reflect who you are. It’s about capturing mood, expression and emotion through the lens and portraying them in our artic storybook albums. We don’t feel the need to over-process our images. A great images is great because of the moment it captures and the sill set to capture it, not because of what is done to it afterwards. Simply stated; it’s about telling your story through beautiful photographs.

A little about the Photographer & Videographer

We were married in November 1997 and it still feels like yesterday. We love each other and we love God the Father. We have a son, named Stéfan, which has started his career at a young age in singing and he gets all the support he can from his mom & dad. We are a normal family who believes in living a life of being devoted to our work and to God.





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